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Jeff Mangum

Jeff Mamngum has been painting large scale (and small) artworks on walls floors and ceilings for over 16 years, this passion became a profession in 1999 with the start up of Masterpiece Murals.

Jeff studied art at East Carolina University and graduated with a B.F.A. in painting in 1992 and he brings a thorough knowledge of art history and technical expertise to each project. Many muralists are dependent on a single style, or technique of painting, which limits the options for clients.

Jeff has produced art work in a wide variety of styles allowing for greater choice in the final appearance of the mural. Jeff has worked professionally in acrylic and oil paints, airbrush, industrial spray applications, furniture painting, portraiture,commercial illustration, and graphics/ print media.

Matthew Thorne

Matthew Thorne is a fine artist and educator in Charlotte who thrives on creativity and the creation of excellence.

Matthew specializes in acrylic,latex, and large scale spray applications, and is capable of working in a variety of artistic styles.

Matthew thrives on technical challenges and unconventional solutions as well as having a command of traditional media.

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez is the “working man’s artist”, a superior craftsman who executes projects efficiently while keeping an eye on the details.

Paul’s extensive art experience encompasses realistic styled murals, cartoons, airbrush, automotive murals, signage, lettering and graphics, to name a few.

Paul brings strong drawing ability and a clear understanding of color to each project.